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Successful Organizations are always keen to train and develop employees to achieve their ultimate growth. In fact employees are always the core of every growth and achievement. Therefore it is very essential to develop employees’ abilities, skills, and attitudes regularly. Despite of the cost in investing in people in terms of development and training, the return on investment (ROI) will exceed the cost of training by preparing trained and skilled employees that are ready to accomplish growth to the organizations and development in work methodologies resulting to achieve high quality work.

Training and development as a result is a continuous development cycle for individuals since it fulfills their needs and makes them effective society members. Also it aims to positively change attitudes by experiencing advanced training methodologies, while the main objective of training is to provide individuals with full opportunities to accomplish their works in high quality. Thus, it is a major method to improve the abilities that will contribute to benefit the organization, the society, and the individuals.

In order to achieve efficient training; important factors should be available like the trainer, trainees, the place and time, the training content, and training methods. This is the core of our interest and experience in Mastery. As we work with continuous effort to create the right training environment that fits with everyone needs and help in the success of organizations and individuals. Therefore, our training and consulting services are selective to fulfill organizations and individual’s needs presented by qualified trainers and consultants with solid experience in their specialties.

Our training services includes courses classified under important fields of which we consider them highly recommended in development like Management, Soft Skills, Human Resources, Sales, Customer Service and more, believing that together we can create the right work environment and desired success.

Who we are

Mastery provides exclusive experience in training and business development in the market as we believe that working according to standards will achieve unmatched success to the organizations and individuals. Therefore, Mastery was established by a group of high expertise and qualifications who are keen to create the right training and development environment according to international standards. Since fulfilling the customer needs is urgent issue; Mastery adapts training programs and consulting services to fit all business needs and sectors, Mastery seeks to achieve the desired development for organizations and individuals by creating proper training environment and qualified trainers to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes and as a result enhancing performance and work results.

Mastery believes that business development is essential and this will start by consulting that helps in organizations growth and sustainability. Experts in the consultancy areas will provide their exclusive expertise to guide business to the right track. Mastery consulting specialties contains Training Department Establishment, Customer Service Department Establishment, Call /Contact Center Establishment, Curriculum and standard Training Packages Development, Management Consulting, Quality Assurance Consulting, Customer Service Consulting, Training Consulting, and Sales Boosting Consulting.

Mission Statement

Developing our clients' business by providing competency-based training and consulting services based on our extensive experience in adapting high quality programs up to international standards.


Bring to the world of training and business development a portfolio of high quality and standardized services that anticipate and satisfy business needs and people's desires.

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Khaled Malkawi

Business Development Manager

Noor Al-Thafeer

Training Manager

Muath khasawneh

Business Developer

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