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Managerial and SoftSkills
Sales and CustomerCare
Security and Safety Courses
TrainingTechnology Courses
Course Title Duration
On-The-Job Training Instructor 5 Days
Examination Techniques 5 Days
Class Room Management 3 Days
Course Development and Design 10 Days
ITC (Instructor Training Course) 5 Days
Training Needs Analysis 3 Days
Training Evaluation 2 Days
Presentation Skills 3 Days
Training Managers 5 Days
Course Delivery Report 2 Days
Aviation Courses
Course Title Duration
Navigational Aids & CNS
DME 5 Days
ILS 10 Days
GNSS 5 Days
CNS/ATM Technology 10 Days
Airfield Markings and Signs 2 Days
Airport Management 5 Days
Airport Planning 5 Days
Air Transport
Aviation Management 5 Days
Air Low 5 Days
Aviation English 20 Days
Air Transport Economics 10 Days
Air Transport Facilitation 10 Days
Air Transport Statistics 10 Days
Airline Operation and Facilitation 5 Days
Airport Facilitation & Slot Allocation 5 Days
Flight Permission Officer 5 Days
Ticketing and Reservation 10 Days
Air Cargo 10 Days
Aviation Secertarial 10 Days
Passengers Customer Care 10 Days
FlightSafety Courses
Course Title Duration
Flight Operations Inspector (AOC) 10 Days
Aviation Safety Awarenss 5 Days
Accident Investigation 10 Days
Personnel Licensing 5 Days
Safety Management System (SMS) 5 Days
Aircraft Accident Prevention 5 Days
Aviation Safety Program Management 5 Days
Integrated SMS 10 Days
Dangerous Goods Regulations 5 Days
Civil Aviation Legislations 3 Days
Human Factors 5 Days
Managerial and SoftSkills Courses
Course Title Duration
Coaching and Motivation 2 Days
Leadership and Motivation 2 Days
Time Management 1 Days
Negotiation Skills 1 Days
Talent Management 2 Days
Team Building 1 Days
Change Management 1 Days
Effective Communication Skills 2 Days
Strategic Management 3 Days
Emotional Intelligence 2 Days
Quality Management 4 Days
Leadership Skills 1 Days
Effective Management 3 Days
Reports Writing Skills 2 Days
Problem Solving 1 Days
Decision Making Techniques 1 Days
Risk Management 2 Days
Stress and Conflict Management 2 Days
Presentation Skill & Public Speaking 3 Days
Total Quality Management 5 Days
Executive Secretaries 2 Days
Public Relations Skills 4 Days
Supply Chain Management 5 Days
"How to Write Project Proposal , SOPs, MOMs and Concept Note 2 Days
Sales and CustomerCare Courses
Course Title Duration
Protocol and Business Etiquette 2 Days
Telesales Training 2 Days
Introduction to Contact Center 1 Days
Customer Service Training 3 Days
Advanced Selling Skills 2 Days
Sales and Marketing Principles 2 Days
Sales Quality 1 Days
Sales Management 3 Days
Cross & Up Selling Techniques 2 Days
Sales Team Management 2 Days
Quality of Service 1 Days
Customer Satisfaction Measurements 1 Days
Excellent Customer Relations Building 1 Days
Objections & Complaints Handling 1 Days
Advanced Contact Center 3 Days
Call Center Management 3 Days
Security and Safety Courses
Course Title Duration
Security Basic Course 5 Days
Security Advanced Course 5 Days
Security Management Course 10 Days
Crises Management Course 5 Days
Security Awareness 5 Days
Health Safety and Security at Work 5 Days
Hostile Environment 4 Days
Close Protection 5 Days
First Aid Course 4 Days
Fire Fighting Course 4 Days