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TheCompanyMastery is established to build a unique business and training development experience in the market. Believing that working according to standards can fulfill unmatched success to the organization and individuals, Mastery started with selective experienced and international recognized professionals, who are keen to create the right learning and development environment solidly based on international standards. Since adapting with clients' needs is essential, Mastery tailors the right development programs in various industries depending on your business requirements.
“Developing our clients' business by providing competency based training and consulting services based on our extensive experience in adopting high quality up to international standards”
“Bring to the world of training and business development a portfolio of high quality and standardized services, that anticipate and satisfy business needs and people's desires”
MASTERY staff are highly motivated and have a vast experience in training technology.
MASTERY is qualified to customize a curriculum fit with your needs and requirements .
MASTERY conducts training courses up to international standards.
MASTERY provides a competency based training.
MASTERY is able to design a structured program to enhance individuals and business performance.
Mastery Team
Hussam Abandeh
General Manager
Mr. Abandeh has a University degree in Training Technology and a Diploma Degree in Aeronautical telecommunication.
He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Civil Aviation specialized in Training Technology; he worked with UNDP/ ICAO as training expert - project coordinator in different countries around the world (Jordan, Bahrain,Qatar, Srilanka, Nipal, Japan, Southern Korea, UAE, KSA, Singapore and Indonesia)
Mr. Abandeh accredited as ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Expert, validator and instructor to manage, evaluate, and develop standardized training packages (STPs).
Noor Al-Thafeer
Training & Performance
Development Manager
Noor is a Certified International Professional Trainer. Contact center & F2F Customer experience professional. Expert in assessments, training and development. Skilled in unlocking hidden potentials by providing combined training methodology that includes knowledge, skills and attitude. Training Content & assessments forms builder and developer. Gender Equity expert and supporter. Fields of expertise include: Training & Coaching , Assessment & Evaluation, Team Leadership /Management ,Motivation ,Problem Solving ,Performance Management and different soft skills.
Noor has over 10 years of experience in Customer Service, Sales, Quality assurance and manage.
Khaled Malkawi
Business Development
Khaled is the Business Development Manager of Mastery for Business and Training Development, he is a sales and customer care expert starts his career at "Orange" which is the largest telecom operator in Jordan, worked as a corporate accounts manager at "Viacloud Jordan", The last position of Khaled before this is a Business Development Manager at "CMG", The main focus of experience was in Elite, VIP and corporate accounts management and business development, increasing revenue and improving the customers satisfaction and quality of service was the main responsibilities. Khaled has an excellent record as a specialist trainer in sales and customer care field, plays a key role in training and development the employees of many laarge banks in Jordan, he has a master degree in business administration (MBA) from Al- Yarmouk University, and B.S degree in computer information system from Al Al-Bait University.